It is a financial reporting tool for generating International Financial reports (IFRS). It generates XML files that are compliant with FINA XML specifications for daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports that are tenderable to the Regulatory Institutions. We have successfully deployed this solution for about fifteen (15) financial institutions.

FxBid Automation (Treasury Blotter Application)

A Treasury Blotter is a statutory report that commercial banks in Nigeria submit to CBN for details of FX transactions and FX positions. The process of generating the Blotter is much and sometimes may introduce some errors. The bank wants to deliver the report more quickly with minimal or no errors in the final report. Our Treasury Blotter application automates the process to alleviate the challenges.

CCI Tracker Application

CCI-Tracker is enterprise application that manages the Certificate on Capital investment (CCI) activities. It tracks all CCI activities from initiation to completion. CCI-Tracker application helps create a platform where all activities involving a foreign investor or its interest can be tracked and accounted for. It also ease the process of repatriating dividends to any desired destination decided by the investor.


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